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Antigua Eco-Fantasies

Kayak, snorkel, or just laze on the beach – all in a single excursion! Bring your eco-fantasies to life while you discover one of the lushest parts of Antigua. Enjoy a freshwater pool, tropical gardens and our private beach showcasing fruit trees, birds, and unmatched marine life.

From your ship a scenic transfer will take you to Cades Bay. Upon your arrival there will be the official tour briefing/orientation, and outfitting with your safety gear and equipment. Once completed you continue to the boardwalk from where you board your kayak – 2 to a boat…and the adventure begins with an exploration of our mangrove lagoon on the way towards one of small private beach where you will then be shuttled over via boat to Cades Reef to snorkel. After snorkeling return to the beach for lunch and some beach time.

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