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Hike the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Excursion is entirely within the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today is your day to get out for a nature walk up to Shirley Heights – the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best walking/hiking adventure that Antigua has to offer – Carpenters Rock Trail, white sand beaches and turquoise water, and stunning vistas of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Nelson’s Dockyard at English Harbour!

From Galleon Beach we continue along the beach for a few minutes – scampering and criss-crossing over the stones and surf at times until we climb to the rampart at Fort Charlotte. Throughout our route is lined with bramble bush, cactus, as well as Manchineel and other tropical foliage, and at times the thin dry trail sits on a ledge over the sea. At Fort Charlotte, we have our first vistas of the bay below and the radiant colours of the flowers and colourful hues in the Caribbean Sea.

From here we continue for another half hour before we arrive at the Shirley Heights restored military lookout and gun battery. En route there are opportunities for short detours to enjoy the Pillars of Hercules as well as the Mermaid Gardens – two geographic land-forms that have been etched into the limestone landscape by the action of the sea.

Shirley Heights is perfect for a rest stop and photo opportunity of the restored fort, and incised coastlines and yachts anchored at the English and Falmouth Harbours below. From here we continue along the Desmond Trail for a 20 minute descent that leads back to the tour bus and Galleon Beach.

Once back at the beach there is free time to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea – jump in for a swim, or just lie on the sun while you soak up some of the warm Caribbean sunshine. Whatever you do, there will be complimentary servings of rum and fruit punches.


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