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Nicole’s Table

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

This three course culinary adventure happens in home of Nicole Arthurton a famous regional chef. Having worked in restaurants in one form or another since she was a little girl in her parents’ restaurant in Plymouth, Montserrat, her genius in the kitchen emanates from a love for cooking, that her mother instilled in her as a child.

Nicole’s Caribbean cooking classes are designed so you can learn hands-on, or sit, watch, talk, and eat. The classes are small and intimate so it is more like close friends sitting for a meal than a formal learning experience. Nicole likes to use fresh and in-season fruits, vegetables, and herbs so it sometimes means that the ingredients will vary from class to class, depending on the season and what the market and her gardens have to offer. So be prepared for variations in the menu and take it in stride the Caribbean way with a smile.

Classes have various themes such as:

  1. All About Jerk

  2. Cooking with Rum

  3. Coordinating Curries

  4. From the Sea

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