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Group Retreats and Incentive Travel


Experience memorable land and water activities delivered with our white-glove service.





Courteous and
Efficient Service.

Carib-World Travel is a Full-Service Travel Agency and Destination Management Company, specializing in custom travel solutions and arrangements for discerning travellers.


Who We Are

Originating in Montserrat with a core business of Travel Agency Services, Carib-World Travel has over 50 years of travel industry experience. We are dedicated to providing Destination Management Services focused on the Incentive Travel Market, Special Interest Groups and Events. Simply referred to as Carib-World, we take pride in putting you in touch with unique Caribbean experiences.

We are a leading provider in Antigua partnering with the best service providers on the island. We distinguish ourselves by providing creative itineraries, reliable solutions and exemplary management, working closely with our clients to build and deliver successful and memorable programmes.

Our services and influence extend to the neighbouring islands of Montserrat and Dominica where our local ties afford us added advantages in designing and executing activities.


Tailored Shared Experiences

Let’s start the conversation and create your next group travel experience. Contact us today (268) 562-2981 or send us your requirements by email.


Our Commitment

We commit to continually strive for excellence in delivering quality service, in a highly professional and friendly manner. To nurture relationships with our clients, industry partners and team members; creating a community environment that all involved are happy to return to again and again.


Our Services

Our services and events are designed to meet your creative, motivational and budgetary needs. We take your vacation planning concept, design a  tailored itinerary and use our knowledge and expertise to execute your ideal holiday experience.



“Thank you again for your support of this fam trip and it was a real pleasure to find a partner worth all the good words for professionalism and hospitality! All the participants noted perfect timing, organization and I should thank you personally for being constantly in touch so that the group felt the trip flawless. Thanks to you we experienced even more than we thought. I hope to cooperate with you again in the future!”


Alexander Konkin, Pulse & Discover Travel (Russia)

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